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Learn more about fishing in Alaska from some of the state's most experienced guides and instructors.
Call us today!  907-262-0330  Toll Free: 877-262-0330

The Kenai Fishing Academy will not offer classes in 2014. If you'd be interested in taking either the fly or bait casting class in 2015, email Dave Atcheson at, or by phone at 262-0346.

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KFA offers both fishing and fly-fishing programs.

The Kenai Fishing Academy® (KFA), located in Soldotna, Alaska, is a fishing experience unlike any other offered in the state of Alaska. What sets us apart? We’re going to teach you how to be a better fisherman. In one week just you and 11 other anglers will spend 20 hours in a classroom learning fishing techniques from the experts. Then top Alaskan guides and instructors will take you to some of the top fishing spots on the Kenai Peninsula, including the world famous Kenai River, to practice what you’ve learned. After this intensive week-long fishing experience you’ll see why The Kenai Fishing Academy® is “The Home of the Educated Angler.”

Our Philosophy

KFA believes in, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime.” When you leave KFA you’ll be taking home something even better than fish…the knowledge of how to fish in the future. Whether it’s salmon, halibut, rainbow trout, or even Dolly Varden you’ll learn more in a week than you would doing it on your own for five years. You will have become an “Educated Angler.”

Fish the Water Like You’re a Local!

For those of you who have been coming to Alaska for a number of years and doing unguided trips, think back to how many times you’ve stood along the river bank and watched the locals catch fish after fish, and you walk away skunked. Or for those of you with boats, how many times have you spent more than 40 hours on the water and wound up with maybe one salmon…or none? It happens all the time in Alaska. If you don’t have the knowledge of how to fish these rivers and lakes, you’re going to walk away disappointed. That’s where KFA steps in. We’re going to teach you how to fish and what techniques work. When you leave you’re going to have a leg up on every other person sharing the water with you. Whether you keep the fish you catch or practice catch and release that is your choice. We support both of these fishery management tools.

For those of us who live, fish and work here on the Kenai Peninsula, there is one refrain we hear all summer.

"I've been coming to the Peninsula for five years and I still haven't caught a King!"

While we won't guarantee you a king (after all this is called fishing, not catching), you will leave with the knowledge of instructors and guides who have hundreds of combined years of fishing experience in Alaska. Give us one week and you'll be on your way to successful Alaskan trips in the future-an "Educated Angler."

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What Sets Us Apart from the “Typical” Alaska Fishing Experience?

You’re going to learn and do. We’re going to teach you how to be a better fisherman and not just catch fish for you. The Kenai Peninsula College and University of Alaska sponsor this Academy so you can be assured the instruction will be exceptional. When you take a top-notch college with quality faculty, locate it along the Kenai River, and partner with some of the best fishing guides and instructors in the world, you know you’re going to have an incredible experience. Our classes are limited to a maximum of 12 students so you’ll get the personal attention you won’t find anywhere else. Read “What Our Students Say About Us” and you’ll see why the Kenai Fishing Academy® is unlike any other outdoor experience in the nation.

Our students spend four half days in the classroom, learning just about everything there is to know about salmon, halibut and trout (the fly fishing class will focus on salmon, trout and Dolly Varden). During this non-credit program, we teach you about fish characteristics, lure selection, casting techniques, and other skills that will increase your fishing success. You’ll also learn about the history of the waters you’ll fish, their biology, how to deal with Alaskan wildlife, and bears when they try to share your catch. And you’re going to learn how to filet, smoke, can and freeze your catch. The fly fishermen will learn casting techniques from some of the top casting pros in Alaska and get to tie some flies that work particularly well in this area.

During the afternoons and evenings you’ll head out to fish the Kenai or Kasilof Rivers (or both, depending upon where the fish are) and fly-in to remote areas to fish for salmon, rainbows and/or Dolly Varden. This is when you’ll try out what you learned, but there will also be an instructor on hand who will give you even more secrets once you’re on the water. The last day(s) culminate with either an all-day saltwater salmon/halibut charter in magnificent Cook Inlet or an all-day upper Kenai River drift boat fishing adventure, depending upon the package you choose. You’ll get up early and fish late so get plenty of sleep. And remember, the sun doesn’t set until after midnight and is back up around 5 a.m.

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Top Fishing Guides and Classroom Instructors

Our Academy is based at the beautiful campus of Kenai Peninsula College, located just casting distance from the Kenai River, home of the world-record king salmon. Whether it’s in the classroom with our expert instructors or fishing the Peninsula waters with top-notch guides, you’ll be immersed in a learning environment. Our mission is to teach you how to fish better. We recommend before arriving that all students read, Fishing Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula,” by Dave Atcheson, KFA coordinator and one of our primary instructors. This is the only book dedicated solely to fishing this part of Alaska and is available at various bookstores.

What We Aren’t Going to Do For You!

We’re not going to bait your hook for you and we’re not going to cast your lure for you; we’re going to teach you how to do it yourself and become an “Educated Angler.” If you want to pay someone to do these things for you, the Kenai Fishing Academy® is not for you. Our creed is very simple: When you leave us we guarantee you one thing: you’re going to be a better fisherman.

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